Why Flywheel – Interprofessional Development

Why Flywheel Momentum

Tap into the expertise of your own private panel of like-minded peers

Your knowledge alone won’t drive momentum

Leaders by your side equip you to face any undertaking with fresh perspective

You’re already sharpening your mind with advice from industry gurus, but you’re still not finding the growth you crave. Transform your lone striving into collective growth with the cumulative successes and support of qualified and committed peers.

Esteemed executives leading the way inside intimate development groups

Drive the right growth with a culture of shared experience



Fuel your efforts alongside other high performers

Every member of your cohort is hand-selected to ensure you have the trusted, accomplished community you need to feel safe and supported. By facilitating an equitable exchange, this allows all members to contribute to the equity of the group development.



Spark extraordinary solutions with cascading group insights

If your network doesn’t challenge you, you risk sliding into a rut where returns grow stagnant. Diverse perspectives and professional guidance develops the aptitude to see challenges from all angles. Your cohort and group chair bring a spectrum of views and ideas that drive you to defy your own limits.



Revel in collective victories and rise to new challenges

Behind our prosperous community is a non-negotiable commitment to reciprocity. Through a combination of open dialogue and an agenda facilitated by the group chair, your cohort members offer their reputable input to enrich the conversation and create a culture of mutual respect. To honour the importance of each member’s responsibility, all community members sign a pact when joining a cohort.



Gain actionable insight from thought leaders across wide-ranging industries

General advice delivered at a crowded seminar is hard to apply to your specific circumstances. But when you’re in the same room with a trusted leader, like the chair of your cohort, you get to work directly with them to craft actionable plans to address challenges and increase revenues, and profits.

Extensive membership vetting for every candidate

Exclusively share the room with other high-calibre leaders

Prospective members undergo interviews and assessments to ensure each participant meets the threshold for ethics, motivation, performance, and potential. Only those committed and accomplished in their industries are invited to integrate into the Flywheel Momentum membership experience.

Supporting sector-spanning success

Bolstering and sustaining worthwhile legacies among high-level executives and entrepreneurs across backgrounds, continents, and generations

We founded Flywheel Momentum to initially support Irish entrepreneurs and leaders without the limits of industry bias. We believe the same foundations for success span across industries and sectors, from sport to business, through to personal lives.  This is why we seek C-suite executives and entrepreneurs from every industry.

By gathering these diverse leaders, we cultivate groups that focus on the industry-agnostic foundations of success, and bring unique, innovative viewpoints to industry-specific issues.

Did you know?

We’re a for-profit, socially-conscious company. Annually, Flywheel Momentum donates 2% of our revenue to a charity collectively selected by our cohort participants.

Meet our founders

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Director

Certified Coach 

Certified Recruiter 

Qualified Financial Advisor 

Corporate Financier and Senior Executive Leader

Experienced Executive/Non-Executive Director

Dónal O’Sullivan

Dónal’s long career has taken him across industries, roles and sectors. Community-driven, he builds value by creating strong relationships that allow him to coach people as they drive forward in the pursuit of their own and the company’s goals.

Annika McGivern

Annika is a performance mindset coach with a history in high-performance sport. Drawing from her experience training and coaching top-level athletes and senior executives, Annika helps leaders cultivate a mindset that sets the foundation for high-level success.

BA Psychology 

MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology

Practical Diploma Coaching with Neuroscience 

Equine Canada Competition Coach 

Mental Performance Consultant – Canadian Sport Psychology Association 

Business Performance Coach & Facilitator