Collective Requirements

A select network of leaders relentlessly committed to responsible development

Our kind of people are driven, and drive others to pursue a life well-lived

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✓ I am based in UK or Ireland

✓ I own, lead or manage a company with substantial company revenues

✓ I have a full day every month to participate in sessions

✓ I am open to integrating into a cohort of up to 12 trusted peers

✓ I will honour the privacy, and confidentiality of the collective

✓ I have the capacity and intention to give as much as I receive

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Qualifications of a Flywheel Momentum Member


CEOs, Founders, C-suite individuals


Based in UK or Ireland


Profitable and generating €5m+ revenue


Exporting business beyond UK or Ireland—now or in the future


Focused on significant growth (€50m-€100m in revenue) over the next 5-10 years


Committed to learning and evolving to rise to new challenges