You’re about to become unstoppable

Tap into the collective learning of a thriving peer community of executives, visionaries and founders based in UK & Ireland

Peer-powered progress within a chair-led development framework

Fast-track progress in your professional and personal life

By anyone else’s definition, you’ve made it. But you’re hungry for more. You don’t want to settle for other’s definition of success. You’re itching to get to that next level – and the level after it.
Find your momentum to grow beyond in a community of growth-focused peers who live and work in UK & Ireland.





Next-level success demands next-level solutions

Your own private board of directors meets peer learning

You’re already packing your schedule with seminars and conferences and may have even dabbled in private coaching. But you still can’t seem to drive the growth you expect. Break free from mediocrity and plug into a group of extraordinary leaders that will help you grow your legacy.

Integrate into a community of high-performers with a shared pursuit

Like-minded peers who meet you where you are

When challenges crop up at work (and even at home), you may not know the solution. But with an array of backgrounds around your cohort’s table, you’ll know who you can count on to provide the experience, validation and guidance to help you through.

Glean from accomplished Chairs facilitating cohorts with their wealth of knowledge and experience

Industry leaders who are intimately invested in your group’s growth

Groups are Chaired by seasoned executives and industry leaders, giving you access to years of experience including processes and practices that work along with pitfalls to avoid. Their guidance and coaching equips you to step into any scenario with the confidence of a titan.

The Catalyst

With the right conditions and the right people, growth becomes inevitable.

The Commitment

We expect more from our community members because they deserve more.

The Collective

A gathering of minds partnering to create enduring legacies.

A chosen group of people you can trust in the shared pursuit of conscientious growth

Your legacy today is just the beginning

At Flywheel Momentum, we’re founded on the principle that collaboration builds explosive momentum. By joining wide-ranging experiences and backgrounds, your group shares the load of progress while you navigate personal and professional endeavours.

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Financials & Investments

Global Events & Economics

Growth mindset & execution

Environmental, social & governance

Diversity & inclusion

Change Management

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