Flywheel Pact

The Flywheel Pact

We want to create an atmosphere in every meeting where all who attend feel free to bring up any issue challenging them, whether business or personal, and use it to grow beyond. To create that environment, we invite all our members to commit to a shared agreement.

I will faithfully attend meetings

In a world as fast-paced as ours, perfect attendance is a difficult-to-impossible ask. But, we request that all members attend meetings regularly and dependably. This meeting time is important to everyone else in the group and should be shown to be important through attendance.

Everyone benefits from each other’s presence and input


The reward of contributing to each other’s success keeps us motivated


I will give from my knowledge, experience and expertise

Though our main focus is always to help each member of each cohort, we believe that it is just as important for each member to give as much as they receive. This not only ensures the value of the group but brings a new value of passing on your knowledge.

I will respect the privacy of my cohort members

Whether it’s industry secrets or personal struggles, we want our members to feel comfortable sharing their whole selves. So, we ask that everyone who attends meetings respect the confidentiality of everything that is said in a meeting.

An environment of safety affords an equal platform to every member


Keeping our ego in check primes us to be ready for every opportunity


I will engage with an open mind and full heart

When leaders come together, egos can get bruised causing division and hampering successful relationships. We ask all attendees to leave all of that behind to create fertile ground where real breakthroughs and enduring understanding can grow exponentially.